Hurricane Florence made for a long day yesterday for No Dog Left Behind Landpilots Kelly Genovese and Andrew Morsillo but what an amazing rescue effort on the part of so many! We got the call early yesterday morning that evacuees were coming in faster than had expected at a shelter on the NC/VA border. 11 dogs needed to be transferred immediately and there was no where for them to go. Without hesitation we made the decision to go and within a few hours our team was on the road.

Late last night the No Dog Left Behind Landplane rolled into the the the BIG EASY Animal Hospital where the folks there were kind enough to let all of the dogs stay there for the night because their arrival was so late. After being medically cleared by their staff the dogs had a special meal and a warm bed to sleep in as they were pampered by their new Pittsburgh friends. It was a perfect example of a team effort and we want to give special recognition to our friends at Paws Across Pittsburgh, Animal Friends, Pet Search and Forever Home Beagle Rescue! All of them agreed to take some of these beautiful dogs in without hesitation!

It’s a Pittsburgh thing to want to do whatever we can to help when there are others in need. Yesterday was a great example of just that and we could not be more proud! Stay tuned as we complete more missions down south. We are keeping our many rescue partners in the affected areas in the south in our thoughts. After the storm passes the real work will begin. We are proud of our team and especially Andrew and Kelly who dropped everything to make this mission a success. No Dog Left Behind Volunteers are the best!