Carter and Colton Lichtman are two young men who raised $555 to give a second chance to 60 animals. These two animal rescue superstars sold drinks and treats during the Pittsburgh Garden Tour and were able to raise enough money to sponsor their very own rescue mission. Incredible job Carter and Colton. We are so proud to call you member of the No Dog Left Behind Team!

Landpilots David Stash and Brittany Lewkowicz headed out on Labor Day to Tennessee where they spent the night in hotel and while dreaming of puppies. The next morning they set out to meet 60 animals who needed a second chance. All of the animals hit the jackpot by securing a spot with our team and a first class ticket on our incredible climate controlled Landplane. They headed north back to Pittsburgh where our friends at North Shore Animal League America met them for their final journey to Port Washington, Long Island where these animals will find their furvever homes.

Amazing work by an an amazing group of Landpilots. Great job David and Brittany! And to Colton and Carter, your hard work made a difference, not only for these 60 animals but for you as well. You learned a magical lesson that by doing something for the greater good your heart is filled with pride. So happy to have you two on the team.