What would you do to give hope to 61 dogs. Would you drive 1236 miles over 2 days if it meant that each one would be able to have a second chance? No Dog Left Behind Landpilots David Stash and David Turner jumped at the opportunity to make a difference for these animals. The duo set out for Clarksville, TN yesterday in the new Landplane and spent the night waiting to meet 61 animals that have the opportunity to go from danger to safety.

Early this morning all 61 boarded the Landplane and headed back to our headquarters at the Allegheny County Airport where our friends from North Shore Animal League America are waiting to meet these dogs for their final journey to a new life in Port Washington, LI. Just think about this for a moment. 61 animals will be adopted into 61 families who will love and care for these animals for years to come.

61 families will have their lives enriched because David and David sacrificed two days to give them hope. The impact of these missions on the lives of people is unmeasurable. It all happens because of the support we receive from private donations. Help our team save the next 61 dogs and their families by attending our Dog Days of Summer Fundraiser presented by VCA Met Vet West Animal Hospital, VCA Castle Shannon Animal Hospital, VCA Fox Chapel Animal Hospital, and VCA Duncan Manor Animal Hospital.