22 beautiful dogs and 3 little guinea pigs hitched a lifesaving ride today with No Dog Left Behind Landpilots Lisa Thomas and newbie Diane Fasciano who took off Friday for an 8am pick up on Saturday! Our friends at Pulaski Animal Care & Control PACC Rescue were out of room and reached out with a 911 for help! We see so many people at our sending shelters that work tirelessly to save so many! Missy Viars is one of those people! She partnered with our friends at Animal Welfare League of Arlington, Adams County SPCAand Northeast Pa Pet Fund and Nepa-northeast Pennsylvania Pet Fund & Rescue who all jumped at the chance to help out and give Missy some room at her shelter!

Special shout out to one of our very own Don Siegel for finding a ride for the 3 guineas from Lancaster PA to Adams County SPCA where they hopped on for the final leg back to Pittsburgh. Their owner had passed and these 3 little piggies were in need of a place to go. Pittsburgh is lucky to have Wheek Care Guinea Pig Rescue who stepped up as they always do when a piggy is in need. No big bad wolf for these guys, just the loving care of Julene Robinson and the crew at Wheek Care.

We cross-crossed all over the Eastern US today in what was an incredible display of so many groups working together all in the name of saving precious lives. Beautiful. Thanks to everyone who helped make this rescue happen especially our volunteers who gave up their weekend so they could bring these guys from danger to safety. We love our No Dog Left Behind family. ❤️🐾