What if you could help 60 dogs find a second chance and could take them somewhere where they would have the best possible chance at becoming someone’s loving pet? Would you jump at the opportunity to help so many? No Dog Left Behind Landpilots Lisa Thomas and Steve Schohn jumped at that chance. The put into action their love and animals and willed themselves through a two day journey from Tennessee to Pittsburgh. Along the way they rescued our 8000th animal!

On Monday morning after we spent the weekend cleaning and outfitting the new Landplane for the journey Steve and Lisa headed out for a day long journey to a hotel in Clarksville, TN where they would spend the night and recharge. Early yesterday morning they headed over to Precious Friends Puppy Rescue and Adoption where 60 dogs were waiting for them. Once they were packed up and ready to go the team played soothing music and the doggies were calm thanks to the all natural Adaptil spray only our team uses on transports for their journey north.

After spending the day on the road the team arrived back at the Allegheny County Airport where our friends from North Shore Animal League America where waiting to meet us and take all 60 to their facility on Long Island. Two days spent to give hope to 60. A trip like this helps smaller shelters who can’t afford to transport. Your donations and support make that happen. Please help support our team and give us the ability to offer this service free of charge to help smaller shelters and prevent animals from being euthanized. Join us on August 25, 2018 at our Dog Days of Summer 2018 Fundraiser presented by VCA Animal Hospitals. For information visit. http://paart.auction-bid.org