When we put the word out to our team that 7 German Shepards needed our help the response was overwhelming. Lucky for us two incredible people and Landpilots stepped up to help give these 7 dogs a second chance. No Dog Left Behind Landpilots Ralph Harlan Jr and Nicki Dembski took the Landplane from the Allegheny County Airport to our partners at Char-Wills German Shepherd Rescue in New Ringhold, PA. Today they wake up with a new beginning and a fresh start.

What will become of these lucky 7? How will they impact the lives of the people who end up adopting them. Will one of them become a service dog? Perhaps one will become a child’s first doggie. Maybe one of these animals will be an integral part of someones journey through a difficult period. Whatever their future holds it is only possible because of No Dog Left Behind volunteers like Ralph and Nicki who spent the day on the road to make it happen. Actions, not just words. We are so proud of all of the volunteers who put in the hard work to make a difference.