44 dogs waited for us to make a life changing journey from danger to safety with Landpilots David Stash and Jim Moran. Pulled from rural shelters, they remained on standby for the chance to come along with our team. Our friends at Wags To Riches – Helping Animals In Need held onto these animals for the chance to jump on board the New Landplane. Usually these are missions that we fly every week but with the No Dog Left Behind Airplane out of the rotation while we wait for the New Plane to arrive we had to switch these to ground missions. Waiting to take so many at once helps us stretch our resources.

Jim and Dave went to Morehead, KY two days ago and spent the night. Early yesterday they loaded up the Landplane with 44 special animals and made their way north where Cross Your Paws Rescue took the first batch of dogs. From there the team met Pals4Pets Rescue Inc where some of these animals will end up in the hands of service veterans free of charge.

These missions happen because of a team of people behind the scenes. The missions take careful planning and resources. We offer this service free of charge to both the sender and receiver and we rely on your support to give these animals a second chance. Please consider a small donation to help the next run of animals. They need your help.