Almost a year later and we are still feeling the devastating effects of Hurricane Maria. Imagine having to flee your home to save your life but in the process you have to leave your pet behind. Its heartbreaking to think but that is what happens. Hope has come though for those people who had to leave their pets behind. We are thrilled to partner with St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center to unite these pets with their owners. Today is part one of a three part rescue involving multiple No Dog Left Behind Teams.

Landpilots Don Siegel and David Stash left for New Jersey yesterday where they spent the night and woke up to meet 9 dogs who would board our Landplane for the journey back to Pittsburgh to be reunited with their owners. The guys are currently in the road and will arrive later this afternoon. 9 families are going to be reunited after months. Its beautiful and we are holding back lots of tears of joy today.