63 dogs packed up their toys and hopped onboard the new No Dog Left Behind Landplane and headed north from Tennessee to Pittsburgh on a journey from danger to safety! The mission was sponsored and done in honor of the 4th grade class at Adat Shalom Pittsburgh. The students raised money to sponsor their very own rescue mission and we are thrilled to have the support of the entire class. Well done kids, well done.

After several hours of singing songs, playing Car Bingo, Punch Buggy and I Spy, the puppies arrived at No Dog Left Behind headquarters where they met up with our friends from North Shore Animal League America! They will move on to their shelter in Port Washington NY and will be placed up for adoption! All the puppies could talk about on the ride was getting the chance to live in a home with people to love, a place to lay their little heads, good food, new smells, and one even said he hopes to be a therapy dog some day and help people! Puppies with goals, you gotta love it!

No Dog Left Behind Land Pilot Captain Christina McCool Colantoni and her co-captain and daughter Kelsie Seybert left Pittsburgh on Monday morning, rested up in a hotel, loaded the baby four leggers up early Tuesday and headed back to Pittsburgh! Christina reports there was a lot of puppy breath in the air and her and Kelsie got lots of kisses of thanks for giving these puppies a lift to a wonderful life! Happy trails little puppies!

Thank you to our volunteer drivers for giving up their time so that we can save these precious lives and to our donors and supporters who make it all possible!