27 animals went from danger to safety thanks to No Dog Left Behind Landpilots Jim Moran and Dennis Bayne. Believe it or not people always ask us why we are helping animals when people need help as well. Its really a simple explanation, helping animals helps people. Think about the person for whom their animal is their whole world. What about the person who needs a service dog, companion animal, or just a friend during a lonely time. Is this not helping people?Todays mission… this one is a perfect example on so many levels.

Inmates in a Kentucky prison help train and rehabilitate abandoned animals. Think about that. Inmates are helping animals while simultaneously rebuilding their souls. Jim and Dennis got a first hand look after they traveled in the new Landplane to meet the Morgan County Animal Shelter in Grassy Creek, KY. After spending the night in a local hotel they woke up to meet 27 dogs at the local jail. Inmates said tearful goodbyes as they helped load their dogs in the Landplane. Once loaded the guys headed north the meet Cross Your Paws Rescue in Pennsylvania. After dropping off some of the dogs they headed off to meet Pals4Pets Rescue Inc where some of these animals will become companion animals for Veterans.

Why do we help animals? Because helping animals is really about helping people.