33 dogs made a special journey from danger to safety in honor of mothers everywhere. This mission is dedicated to all of the mom’s who make up our volunteer team of rescuers. You sacrifice so much to help give animals you have never met a chance to make a long term impact on the people and families whom these animals transform.

Landpilots Dawn Sepulvida and Alicia Dible departed two days ago for Moorhead, Kentucky. After spending the night they woke up early yesterday morning to to meet 33 animals from the Morgan County Animal Shelter. After carefully loading them into the Landplane the ladies headed north where they met Cross Your Paws Rescue, Paws Across Pittsburgh, Angel Ridge Animal Rescue, and Pals4Pets Rescue Inc. Please contact these shelters for more information on adopting one of these animals.

Special thanks to Landpilots Don Siegel and Kelly Genovese who stepped in to help take the animals on their last leg to Pals4Pets in Meadville. #teamwork