Imagine the feeling of loss you would experience if a disaster forced you to leave your beloved dog behind in order to save yourself. Its heartbreaking to think of how you would feel knowing that your pet is somewhere out there, scared and alone, waiting for you to come back. Juan Gerera had to make that choice and for months he waited. Yesterday a giant van with an airplane on the side arrived at his doorstep and his beloved Lolo came bouncing out and into his arms, reuniting the two after months waiting. It was a moment forever etched in the hearts of Landpilots Lisa Thomas and Kelly Genovese.

The day started at St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center where No Dog Left Behind is partnering with Puerto Rico Animal Unite to reunite displaced Hurricane Maria survivors with their pets. Asthtabula, OH was stop two of a multi-state, multi-stop transport. Our team has the incredible honor of watching while people like Juan are reunited with Lolo. It is times like these when we are reminded that the true beneficiary of everything we strive to do isn’t the animals, its the people whose lives these animals can change. Helping animals is really about helping people and we are thrilled to help so many.

Part three is coming soon!!!! Stay tuned 🙂