Warning: you may want to grab a tissue! Our team is participating in an amazing program with our partners at St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center called Puerto Rico Animal Unite! No Dog Left Behind drivers Lisa Thomas and Christina McCool Colantoni left Madison NJ this morning to deliver dogs flown in from Puerto Rico late last night. All of these animals were separated from their owners during Hurricane Maria; both people and animals found themselves without homes. We can’t even imagine what it must feel like to lose everything you have and to not know if you will ever see your beloved pet again. Well thanks to our drivers this ending couldn’t be happier! It may be cold outside but our hearts are warm and happy right now!

First stop — Buffalo NY! Yellena and her family have not seen Rosita (tan) and Rocco (brown and white) since October! Imagine the happy tears when our land plane drove up that driveway! Lots of tears, tail wags, kisses and big smiles — how beautiful to see them all together again!! Is that a smile Rosita?

Next stop – Ashtabula Ohio! Our drivers are rolling down the highway to meet up with more excited owners! Stay tuned!!