22 animals, 12 dogs and 10 cats, are cruising down the highway right now with the wind blowing in their crates and the smell of a second chance in the air. Landpilots David Stash and Kelly Genovese have the Landplane on a special mission today in honor of the Pittsburgh Paralegal Association who raised the money to fund todays mission. Without this kind of sponsorship these missions, which is free of charge to each shelter, are not possible.

The team made their way down to Humane Society of Pulaski County, VA where 22 animals were waiting to hitch a ride with us. These animals are watched over by prisoners from a local jail who, as a part of their rehabilitation, help the shelter and these animals. As you can imagine they grow very attached and its bittersweet for them to see the animals move on. In the end, the benefits the animals and prisoners have on each other is equal. Its another example of how helping animals helps our souls.

The team is headed to New Lease on Life Rescue in Ohio where all 22 of animals will get a second chance at finding their furever homes. Great work everyone and thank you to the Pittsburgh Paralegal Association for sponsoring todays mission.