38 dogs are safe and sound after a second chance journey from danger to safety with our team. Landpilots Dennis Bayne, Christina McCool Colantoni, and Jennifer Trancraitor spent two days on the road in the No Dog Left Behind Disaster Relief and Rescue Transport Trailer to give hope to 38 animals for whom transport to Western Pennsylvania offers the greatest chance at a bright future.

The team set off two days ago for the Morgan County Animal Shelter -West Liberty,Kentucky in Kentucky. After spending the night in a hotel they team woke up early yesterday morning to meet these beautiful animals. With so many dogs the trailer was the best way to go since each animal has its own space. From there the team headed to Irwin, PA to Cross Your Paws Rescue where all 38 will call home until they are adopted into their furever homes.

Missions like today is where your support goes. When you donate to our team we provide these missions free of charge to both the sender and the receiver. Without your help these animals are left with very little choices. You, our supporters, make this happen. You give hope to hopeless and your impact is felt not only in the animals you help us rescue, but in the new space you create in shelters for animals lost or abandoned. Thank you everyone!