23 beautiful dogs and cats arrived at Pet Search in Washington PA last night after a long journey that started at The Humane Society of St.Thomas, USVI early yesterday morning. They were part of a group that included the 1,000th animal transported off of the island since hurricanes Maria and Irma by Kenny Chesney whose own home was destroyed during the storms. Sadly most of these little survivors were people’s pets who they could no longer care for as they try to rebuild what is left of their once beautiful island.

These pups and kitties were welcomed to the mainland yesterday by No Dog Left Behind Landpilot Captain Dennis Bayne and Pilot in Training Kelly Genovese who transported them No Dog Left Behind style–first class and free of charge! A big thank you to Kenny Chesney and his Love the Love City Foundation for giving these animals a new beginning and our wonderful partners at Pet Search who are always there to help an animal in need! Welcome to PA little babies and congrats to Kenny on his first 1000th!