The will to survive is powerful. 3 German Shepards from a hoarding case touched our hearts today as we were reminded that the cruelest species of all is ourselves. How anyone could abuse these 3 souls, and many others from this tragic case is beyond comprehension. After spending years confined in a basement cage, beaten and abused, they greeted Landpilots Kate Blakley and Jim Moran like any other animal. They sniffed, they bowed their heads, and they slowly walked from Danger to Safety.

We got the call from our partners, Char-Wills German Shepherd Rescue who would be taking in these animals. Their facility specializes in Shepards. First though they needed to make their way across the state. Kim and Jim are two of No Dog Left Behind’s best and jumped at the chance to help take them on the last part of their journey to a new beginning.

Thank you to everyone along the way that has helped these three and others from this case. The work that goes on behind the scenes to help these animals is inspiring. The No Dog Left Behind team is honored to be playing a small part.