24 dogs have a second chance and a new start thanks to the students at the The Western Pennsylvania School For The Deaf. These amazing kids raised money to sponsor their own rescue mission. Their hard work and dedication to help make a difference resulted in this special mission to give hope to 24 dogs that needed some extra help.

On Friday No Dog Left Behind Landpilots Alicia Dible and Christina McCool Colantoni departed for West Liberty, KY in the Landplane. After spending the night in a local hotel they headed off to the Morgan County Animal Shelter where 24 dogs were anxiously waiting. Moving these animals out the shelter gives them a better chance at finding their furever homes while simultaneously creating space in the shelter so they can help 24 more animals in the region.

Once loaded the team headed back to Pittsburgh where they met up with 4 receiving shelters who had open space and a need in their region by their local population for adoptable animals. These dogs went to Pet Search, LaMancha Animal Rescue, Steel City Dog Rescue, and All But Furgotten. Please check out their pages for information on how to adopt these dogs. Great work everyone!

Thanks again to the kids at the Western PA School for the Deaf.