81 dogs made a second chance journey with our incredible volunteer team. One of those dogs was the 7000th we have rescued. Its an amazing feeling to see that number and we want to thank everyone who has helped get us there. The sacrifice, the teamwork, the passion, without that there is no No Dog Left Behind. For every volunteer who has helped us in the past, and present, this mission is dedicated to you. You inspire us and make us all want to fly higher, drive further, and do our No Dog Left Behind to help give animals hope.

Landpilots Ralph Harlan Jr, Don Siegel, and Dennis Bayne hoped in the No Dog Left Behind Disaster Relief and Rescue Trailer while Landpliots Christina McCool Colantoni and Dawn Sepulveda took the Landplane. These 5 hero Landpilots headed off for Toccoa-Stephens County Humane Shelter, Inc. two days ago. After spending the night they arrived at the shelter and loaded 81 special dogs for their journey to a new life. The team headed north and in the middle of the night, while most of us were sleeping, delivered all 81 to our friends at St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center in New Jersey.

Both teams are exhausted and are still making their way back. Thousands of miles, multiple days on the road, 81 lives saved. This is just the norm when you have passionate people like Ralph, Don, Dennis, Christina, and Dawn out there making a difference for animals.

Its beautiful….