25 dogs had a simple choice, either move or become another statistic. No Dog Left Behind Landpilots Lisa and MIchael Duffy, Lisa Thomas, and Lori Carey were determined to give these 25 animals a second chance and a new purpose. All of them special dogs with beautiful stories. 4 of these dogs were even specially trained by inmates in a Kentucky prison to become free adoptable animals for vets.

Husband and Wife duo Lisa and Michael set off for the Morgan County Animal Shelter in Morehead, KY. After spending the night they met up with the “Fab Four,” Michele, Dori, Tonya, and Mitzah, and loaded up 25 special animals in the Landplane. Now at capacity Lisa and Michael made their way back to Pittsburgh to switch drivers and unload animals bound for Pittsburgh.

At the No Dog Left Behind Headquarters at the Allegheny County Airport the team met up with Pet Search, Paws Across Pittsburgh, and All But Furgotten who each took animals to their incredible shelters. The day was not over though for the No Dog Left Behind Team as a second team boarded the Landplane and headed off to Meadville, PA to meet Pals4Pets Rescue Inc. Landpilots Lisa Thomas and Lori Carey took the 4 specially trained by prison inmate animals to Pals4Pets along with a few other animals.

It was long few days but we are thrilled to see 25 lives saved by a group of incredibly dedicated people. Great work Landpilots, Coordinators, and Shelters. It takes a Team to make this happen and we are thrilled to have the best of the best on ours.