21 cats who had run out of time have a second chance thanks to Landpilots Mary Kennedy Withrow and Don Siegel. We got an urgent call from our friends Animal Friends of Barbour County about their shelter being extremely over capacity. Its times like these that our team is needed the most. There was only one solution, we had to go rescue these cats. So we did what we love to do, we started planning, loaded up, and set out for a run to Bellington, WV.

After a long day or driving we headed off with our special passengers for their journey to North Shore Animal League America where they will have as best chance as anywhere. These kitties hit the jackpot!

Its missions likes these that symbolize how we feel about animals. When we found out we jumped at the chance to help. We put together a rescue mission ASAP. Since this was going to be a long mission we did the little things like spray the crates with Feliway, a natural pheromone that cats produce, to keep them calm. We built little beds for each one so they would be comfortable. These cats purred for hundreds of miles.

Special crates, custom equipment, these are all tools that your support helps us offer for our furry friends. But beyond that, its the love and support you all show us that makes what we do easier. Its the shares, the likes, and the comments that reach new people who want to join and be a part of the story. Its the awareness you bring to the issues impacting animals. Each of you plays a No Dog Left Behind in helping these animals when you like and support our mission. On behalf of the whole team and our furry friends we just wanted to take a second to thank you.