The longer animals sit in a shelter waiting to be adopted the harder it becomes psychologically. This is a central issue for all of us in Animal Rescue. 15 dogs who were some of the longest tenured in the shelter was the target of a rescue mission that No Dog Left Behind Landpilots Jim Moran and Lisa Thomas conducted yesterday. The team set out to give hope to 15 dogs in Dublin, Va at the Pulaski County Humane Society.

These lucky 15 were taken to New Lease on Life Rescue in Ohio were they are getting a second chance to find their furever home. Instead of giving up good people got together to make a difference and help the unwanted. Along the way something that happens a lot to us as you can imagine made the story even better!

When we put word out for this mission one of the Landpilots on the mission Jim Moran fell in love with one of the dogs after seeing her online. Jim, like so many No Dog Left Behind volunteers before him, made one of the dogs he went to rescue his own. Her name is Murphy and we are sure Jim will post some pics of Murphy in her new home. Great work Jim and Lisa and welcome to the family Murphy!