Temps in the single digits, a shelter without heat, and a box of puppies found in a field by a hunter. Its a nightmare scenario and one that required immediate help from our Team. No Dog Left Behind Landpilots Don Siegel and Kelly Kincaid braved the freezing cold, unexpected snow squalls, and winds that rocked the Landplane to rescue 34 animals from imminent danger.

The duo set out for Dublin, VA early yesterday morning after we got the call from a shelter that was without heat. The pups and cats were the most vulnerable so that is where we focused our attention. 34 animals, a mixture of dogs and cats, made it on board for our life saving mission. The animals were taken North to Ohio and the New Lease on Life Rescue where they will get a second chance to find their furever home.

We will let Don end this by using his own words when describing to us how this mission went:

“Some may wonder if the volunteers at No Dog Left Behind are crazy to meet the driving, scheduling and weather
challenges that volunteers encounter on every mission, but we think it would be crazy not to do it,
because at No Dog Left Behind this is what we do” – Don Siegel.

We couldn’t agree more Don and thank you for changing the lives of these animals.