Of the millions of animals euthanized in 2017 18 were spared at the last moment on the last day of the year thanks to Landpilots Jim Moran and Lisa Thomas. After snow postponed the trip the Landplane finally made it to Huntington, WV to meet ASAP- Advocates Saving Adoptable Pets early this morning. The team is loaded and on their way to Ritner Kennel Rescue in eastern PA.

While most of us are getting ready for tonights big moment Jim and Lisa will be on the last part of this special mission to give a second chance to 18 souls. 2017 saw a lot change for No Dog Left Behind but one thing we can always rely on is incredible people like Jim and Lisa who think nothing of giving up their holiday to give 18 dogs a chance.

Thousands of animals have a new family in 2017 thanks to the amazing people who make up our team. Every mile flown, every toll road or gas break, every dirty crate, funny animal, and new friends made, you were a part of these moments that made up 2017.

It started as a simple idea to provide free transport to shelters who couldn’t afford to move animals that were going to be euthanized. It grew, it expanded, and along the way we learned that hope is alive and well and people, when given the chance to be a hero, will line up to try. Happy New Year everyone!!!