When we dream we think of 38 families waking up on Christmas morning with a new dog and years of happiness that animal will bring them. Landpilots Lisa Thomas and Terry Holleran didn’t just dream that dream, they went out and made it happen. Early this morning, after spending yesterday on the road, our No Dog Left Behind team members arrived in Martinsville, VA to bring hope to 38 dogs. These animals had no other choice but to move or become another statistic as we close out 2017.

All 38 of these animals have a unique story but the common theme is that sometimes there just isn’t enough room in shelters, and for no fault of their own, they face a heartbreaking choice. Either they have to put these animals down, or hope that someone will come for them. Our team is that someone and what we do is offer a third choice, we will take these animals, free of charge, and bring them somewhere that can provide for them and give them the best possible chance at waking up Christmas morning in the arms of a loving family. Its a second chance rescue that we can offer as alternative, paid for by our incredible donors.

All of these animals went to North Shore Animal League America. Please contact them if you or someone your know is looking to make one of these animals a new member of their family.