When you hear that two of the dogs that needed us where found in a garbage bag your heart sinks into your stomach. All you can do is shed a tear and get to work organizing a rescue mission. No Dog Left Behind Executive Director Mary Kennedy Withrow was so moved that she insisted on securing a seat on the mission. Mary, along with Landpilot Don Seigel, set off ridiculously early yesterday in the Trailer for Humane Society of Pulaski County where 35 animals where running out of time and were waiting for a second chance.

19 dogs and 15 cats made the trip back with our team. The animals went to New Lease on Life Rescue in Ohio, Angel Ridge Animal Rescue, and Paws Across Pittsburgh. This morning each of them woke up to a new chance and a rebirth thanks to the help of a team of people all sharing one goal…No Dog (and Cat) Left Behind.

Please help us continue to offer these rescues free of charge to both the sender and receiver. From now through Dec 31 all of our donation are being matched up to $50,000. Help give a second chance to an animal in need.