The need to help animals never stops. Everyday thousands of animals are needlessly euthanized. No Dog Left Behind Landpilots Kate Blakley and Jim Moran were committed to changing that fact and have spent two days on the road to help 25 dogs take their danger to safety ride on our Landplane. Early yesterday they set out for the Morgan County Humane Society in Kentucky. Somewhere on a highway right now the duo is on their way back to Pittsburgh with 25 souls on board.

These animals will be met at our headquarters by Pals4Pets Rescue Inc where all 25 of these animals will end up going. From almost becoming another sad statistic, to a new life in the span of a few days. The amazing people at Morgan County, our Team, and the folks at Pals4Pets all banded together to make this happen. Amazing things happen when teamwork is front and center.