Hailey Fox loves animals. In honor of her 13th birthday and Bat Mitvah the Jr Fox Family has sponsored a special rescue mission in her honor. Hailey, this mission, and the animals that were saved, is in honor of you.

German Shepards present an interesting challenge for our team. When being moved they experience a high level of stress. To make a successful transport you need to use techniques like spraying lavender to calm them and employing oversized crates. 4 Shepards needed to make a life changing journey yesterday in the No Dog Left Behind Landplane. Landpilots Jim Moran and Anne Marie Flaherty met the animals from Sable Kennel and Elk County at our office early Saturday morning. Once loaded up the team departed for New Ringgold, PA.

After a long drive Jim and Anne Marie made it to Char-Wills German Shepherd Rescue where these 4 Shepards now have the best shot at finding their furever home. Shepards do better in a breed specific shelter so this was a wonderful opportunity for these 4. We urge you to please share this with anyone who is looking for a Shepard. We would love to connect you with these incredible folks. Great job everyone!