No Dog Left Behind Landpilots Kate Blakley and Christina McCool Colantoni made a last minute trip to Kentucky to help save 14 animals that were about to be euthanized. The trip came together quickly when we got word of the situation. Like all of our rescue missions this one had its obstacles when one of the Landpilots had an emergency late Saturday night. We put the word out to our team and within minutes Kate was lined up and ready to make the day long trip with Christina.

Very early Sunday morning the team set off for Kentucky and the Morgan County Animal Shelter where 14 animals would be getting a first class ride to a second chance without team. Once loaded the team made its way back to Pittsburgh early yesterday evening where we were met by Pals4Pets Rescue Inc from NY, and Angel Ridge Animal Rescue and South Hills Pet Rescue and Resort here in Pittsburgh. Take a look at these shelters if you are interested in making of of these animals your newest friend.

Great work everyone!