We find comfort in knowing that a future generation of animal lovers is in good hands and ready one day to take over for us all. 18 animals made a life saving second chance journey from danger to safety thanks to a group of kids at Ben Franklin Elementary School in Indiana, PA. Students in Angela Petroff’s class made doggie stuffed animals that were sold to raise $440 for No Dog Left Behind. With that donation we have done this mission in their honor. Great work guys. You are all now members of the team! Thank you Angela for instilling in these kids a life lesson that we hope will stay with them as they grow into future rescue pilots 🙂

This was a two part mission that required two No Dog Left Behind crews. First up, Landpilots Mindy Wirick and Jim Moran took the Landplane to Liberty, KY to meet the Morgan County Animal Shelter. 18 dogs were loaded up and the team headed back to Pittsburgh to turn over the reins to Landpilots Lisa Davis Riccardi and Ralph Riccardi who made the trip up to Batavia, NY where these 18 will get their second chance at Pals4Pets Rescue Inc. Incredible work Landteam! Way to be an example for these amazing kids.