No Dog Left Behind. Its something we hold sacred to our mission. Last week our friends Chris and Adam from Humane Society International showed us the meaning of those words. In the midst of planning to fly to Tortola, BVI and bring 41 animals and the guys home one dog stood out from the rest. We named him Murray (after Pittsburgh Penguins goalie Matt Murray) and he was a homeless dog with a kind sole. He was found with a severe limp that was later found out to be a severely broken leg. Adam and Chris had one request…bring Murray back with them so we could get him help.

The emails went back and forth fast and furious. Teams from HSI and No Dog Left Behind huddled together and came up with a plan. Murray would go to our friends at the BIG EASY Animal Hospital where he would be looked after until a doctor could perform surgery. The biggest hurdle was that surgery would cost a fortune. We searched around and found the amazing Dr. Stephen Gross who not only would perform the surgery for a fraction of the cost, but to whom Murray instantly fell in love with. It was the perfect match. Six screws later and a metal plate and Murray is still waging his tail and looking up at you with a goofy smile. He will spend some time with a foster family as he recovers and then from there his future is wide open.

We have learned a lot about humans and animals over the last month and a half. With all the devastation we have seen from these storms one thing has remained constant. People just want to step and help other people. Its a powerful example of the true nature we all have within us. During a crisis, when people need the support of others, thousands upon thousands of strangers step up to help. That help spills over to our animals. We help these animals so we can ultimately help people. Whether we clear space in a shelter so lost dogs can be reunited with their concerned family or we go all in to help one dog who might change the life of the person who adopts him, the act of trying to play a No Dog Left Behind in doing good for others is at the very core of all of us.