With the Landplane and Trailer already on the road headed to different states the only asset left in our dog saving arsenal was the No Dog Left Behind Airplane. 9 dogs needed an immediate airlift and we had the best possible tool for the job, our Piper Saratoga with Chief Pilot Pete Lehmann at the controls. Pete flew down to Kentucky this morning to help 9 dogs left from last weeks air mission. No Dog Left Behind…its deep within our sole and today we lived up to that motto. The animals came from Morgan County Animal Shelter. Once loaded in the airplane we made the 500 miles flight to a private shelter in West Chester, PA. Pete flew a little over 800 miles today to make this happen. Amazing job!

After this weekend we will have helped save over 100 animals this week. Our dedicated volunteer team is on a tear lately and we are thrilled with incredible job our new Executive Director, Mary Kennedy Withrow has done in such a short period of time. To come into the situation she did and hit the ball out of the park is nothing short of incredible. If you haven’t had the chance to meet her stop by the No Dog Left Behind office and introduce yourself! Also a special thank you to all our new volunteers who have stepped up and filled in this past month. Your dedication is inspiring to all of us here at No Dog Left Behind!