One of our favorite stories we like to share is about second chances, both for animals and for the people’s lives they change. 7 dogs took to the sky’s on Sunday from a unique situation with No Dog Left Behind Pilot Pete Lehmann and Co-Pilot Ann Valdes.

The animals that flew were shelter dogs who were trained by prisoners as service dogs. They spent “time” in a jail in Kentucky with a prisoner for months. When they were “paroled” they left as service animals. From there they went to a shelter in NY were they are offered at no cost to veterans. Its an incredible example of the second chance concept that is at the core of our mission. The prisoners are changed, the veterans are changed, and the animals are changed. Instead of becoming another sad statistic these animals are reborn with a second chance and just look at the impact they have! Helping animals is indirectly helping people.
The animals were picked up from the Morgan County Animal Shelter -West Liberty,Kentucky and brought to Pittsburgh where Pals4Pets Rescue Inc met our plane with donated supplies for us to take to shelters.

All 7 were thrilled with their flight and gave our pilot and co-pilot two paws up!