49 dogs are safe and sound thanks to No Dog Left Behind Disaster and Rescue Team Landpilots Ralph Harlan Jr, Teresa Gamble, and Kim Lenz. The trio departed Pittsburgh late Thursday to travel to Charleston Animal Society. The purpose of the the trip was to both clear room for Hurricane Irma animals and protect the Shelter in case Irma takes a turn for them. Our team left South Carolina late yesterday and arrived at St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center in New Jersey early this morning. All 49 animals will now have a second chance at this incredible facility.

This mission has reminded us of the humanity that courses through the animal welfare community. Every stop we made, every shelter we visited, we were always met with so much love an appreciation. It times like these we are reminded that what we do is vital for these animals but at the same time, these missions are really about helping people. When an animal is lost during a storm having a place the family can go to find their animals makes those peoples lives a little easier. Helping your shelter friends clear space and take the stress off their team helps those people who are doing critical work. Inspiring people at gas stops to get involved to help animals and in turn enrich their lives is a powerful message. We are honored and privileged to help both our human and animal friends. Get involved. Help teams like us, help your local shelters, and help make the world a little bit friendlier.