Humanity. It’s a word that today takes on unique meaning in light of Hurricane Harvey. From devastation and destruction comes hope. The very best of humanity, of Americans, and of Pittsburghers, is on full display today as we gear up to depart for the 24 hour drive to San Antonio, TX. 4 No Dog Left Behind Landpilots; Teresa Gamble, Ralph Harlan Jr, Lisa Riccardi, and Kim Lenz, who took off work, cancelled their holiday plans, and left behind their families, leave today as No Dog Left Behind Landpilots but in reality, they depart as heros.

Once the team arrives in Texas we will be going to the San Antonio Humane Society where we will deliver thousands of pounds of supplies. From there, we will fill our trailer with as many animals as we can safely take and make the 24 hour journey back to Pittsburgh, hopefully by Monday night. The support we have received from the shelter community is incredible. Animal Friends, Angel Ridge Animal Rescue, All But Furgotten , Beaver County Humane Society and Humane Animal Rescue all have agreed to take animals and throw their support behind this mission. Without these local shelters stepping in to help animals would have no place to go. Please, visit the shelters and adopt these animals. They need you.

Early this morning over 1000 pounds of food arrived at our office from Ainsworth, Makers of Rachael Ray’s Nutrish. This food, combined with supplies from Biggies Bullies, Wagsburgh and Animal Friends, will enable shelters hit by the storm to help feed the influx of animals and provide support to their communities. Please visit their sites and thank them for the incredible donations they have made to this cause. The team leaves at 6pm. Please wish them well. They will be reading these posts and your encouragement means the world to them.