45 dogs will wake up tomorrow with a second chance thanks to No Dog Left Behind Landpilots Peg Cannon and Karen Madden. The first dog in these pictures represents the 6000th animal our team has rescued. It has been a long road filled with adorable moments, inspiring people, and a fire that has burned deep inside our volunteers to go further, go faster, and go higher to do whatever it takes to help our furry friends. Incredible work by a tireless team of people who leaves No Dog Left Behind.

Karen and Peg departed yesterday for Martinsville, VA. After spending the night they met up with these animals and made the journey north to meet our friends at North Shore Animal League America where these animals will get the best possible chance at finding their furever homes. The ladies will make their way back to Pittsburgh later today, tired, a little smelly, but filled with happiness by the love and support they will receive with all your likes, and comments. Lets give Peg and Karen a hero’s welcome as we congratulate them on the mission and for rescuing the 6000th animal.

Help us continue to provide our life saving work free of charge. Our Dog Days Of Summer Fundraiser is a few weeks away now. Please come out and support our team and be a part of helping to give animals hope. Get your tickets today by visiting: