Our 7th trip in the last 11 days turned into an adventure when a standard 14 hour mission became a 22 hour mission. Traffic, fights with the airlines, and all the general headaches of working with an International rescue all came to a head for Landpilots Lori Skovranko and Tony LaRocco. The team set out early Sunday for the their mission. Along the way it was one obstacle after another as they slowly made their way to meet 6 animals from a South Korean meat farm, part of a joint HSI and No Dog Left Behind mission. Finally late last night these 6 animals were aboard the Landplane and headed on the final leg of their incredible 7000 mile journey from Danger to Safety to Pittsburgh.

Early this morning the team arrived and put the animals in the care of our friends at South Hills Pet Rescue. Exhausted after a 22 hour mission Lori and Tony finally made it home. What these two did, under extreme circumstances is nothing short of heroic. 6 dogs have a new life thanks to their effort. We have never been prouder of our incredible volunteers. Some may talk the talk, but our Landpilots walk the walk.