Landpilots Kathleen Yarnick and Nancy Pitcavage made our 6th trip to JFK Airport in the last 10 days for 3 amazing dogs. Teddy, Poppy, and Joey are all Jindu mixes that arrived from an illegal South Korea Meat Farm that was shut down by our friends at Humane Society International. HSI partnered with our team to give these animals a fresh start and a second chance in Pittsburgh. After a 7000 mile flight, Nancy and Kathleen were the first Pittsburghers they met. Instantly they understood that the people of our city are kind, warm hearted, and put french fries on their dog treats :).

After a long dive home the ladies took these animals to our rescue friends at South Hills Pet Rescue and Resort who will handle the adoptions. We urge you to please visit and take a look at these incredible dogs. These animals have only known a sad life, living in cages, devoid of humane affection, and living in harsh conditions. Its a heartbreaking story with a happy ending. You could complete the story by making one of these dogs your new best friend.