One dog has been waiting for us to come for weeks, some of these dogs were abused, a few were the victims of an acid attack. These are just a few of the stories from a 27 dog animal rescue conducted by Landpliots Karen Madden and ​Rebecca Nofsinger.

Pilgrim was a dog from South Korea that ended up in Mississippi. He was a special animal that needed extra love and support. His best chance was to come to Pittsburgh to get specialized help. He waited for our team to schedule a trip down south to catch a ride. Today he is in Pittsburgh and getting the help he needed. Anytime we hear about abuse of puppies our hearts break. Unfortunately some of these pups faced that dire situation. Instead of focusing on the sadness we are here to tell you that these animals are here in Pittsburgh today with a new chance and a fresh start.

Please help us complete this amazing story by sharing these pics and sending anyone you know to see these dogs and take one home. Karen and Rebecca made a long trip to Kentucky to meet our partners at Tunica HumaneSociety for this handoff. The animals came back late last night and we placed them in the loving hands of South Hills Pet Rescue and Resort. Please contact them to adopt one of these animals animals.