4 more dogs from a South Korean meat farm arrived at JFK International Airport early yesterday morning. Landpilots Ken Adler and Tony Larocco made the trip from Pittsburgh to be the first smiling faces these animals have seen in the United States. These 4 are a part of a mission we are doing with Humane Society International to shut down these meat farms and bring these animals to a new life in the USA. Ken and Tony loaded them up and made the journey back to Pittsburgh where two of them went to a private rescue and two went to South Hills Pet Rescue.

This is the fifth trip we have made since starting this rescue last week. Our Landpilots are stretched hin and exhausted but each of them would jump in at a moments notice to go back. Hero’s…each and every one of them. Great job Ken and Tony!

The Landplane was cleaned and prepped late yesterday and is back on the road today to NYC to meet 4 more dogs. Its been an incredible experience for everyone on our team. Thank you for your continued support.