18 dogs and 9 cats took a second chance ride on a special mission we are dedicating to John Richard “Nicko” Nicolson. A few months ago we had someone sponsor a mission in his honor. Since then we have continued to receive donations from his friends and family. John was loved by a lot of people. We learned that he loved animals and was himself a pilot. The No Dog Left Behind Team wanted to do this mission in his honor. Thank you to all his friends and family who continue to help support our mission. We are sure that John would have eventually become a No Dog Left Behind Pilot himself.

Landpilots Paula Zetter and John Busin left yesterday for Tennessee. After spending the night, they work up early to meet Animal Rescue Assistance Team Tennessee and load 27 animals into the Landplane. From there they went to the Adams County SPCA, Hound Haven of Lone Pine, and South Hills Pet Rescue and Resort where these animals will begin their new life. Animals with an uncertain future, a man loved by friends and family, and Landpilots with the heart to spend two days making sure these animals are not forgotten, all working together for the good of our furry friends. Its magic. Great work everyone.