And the mission keeps on rolling. The Landplane made it back late Saturday, got a bath, and a new crew took over and made the journey back to Newark Airport for the next 4 animals. Landpilots Benjamin Ringelholtz and Jessa Gabler departed very early Sunday for Newark where they met the next flight with South Korean Meat Farm victims. The airport personal, who have now seen our Landplane a few times, jumped into the action to help us with these heavy crates. These animals flew 7000 miles from Newark from South Korea where our team met them for the final leg of their journey to a second chance in Pittsburgh. This is the fourth trip over the last 6 days. We are tired but motivated to finish the job and help these animals on their road to redemption.

Everyone on our team has a message for our FB family. THANK YOU. Thank you for your donations to keep these missions happening, thank you for your kind words and likes, and thank you for supporting us and keeping our page a positive place where we can all share our love for saving animals.