6 dogs arrived at Newark Airport, part of an international rescue to shut sown a South Korean Meat Farm, the third of these missions we have done in the past five days. Today’s rescue is a sponsored mission that is close to the No Dog Left Behind family. This rescue is being done in honor of the late Marshall Katz whose family sponsored this mission. Marshall was a man who believed in the importance of charitable giving. The family legacy he carried forward, and left to us, played a role in inspiring our formation. Thank you Marshall and the Katz Family.

Landpilots Teresa Gamble and Brandon Lyda departed late last night for the 16 hour roundtrip rescue. The team departed Pittsburgh for Newark Airport to meet a United flight with 6 special passengers. The 6 were pulled from a South Korean Meat Farm by our partners at Humane Society International. The dogs made the 7000 mile flight to the United States where they met our team for the their final journey from Danger to Safety. Teresa and Brandon headed back to Pittsburgh with their precious cargo. 2 went to a special rehab center near Pittsburgh and 4 went to our friends at South Hills Pet Rescue and Resort.

These animals have spent a lifetime in misery, waiting to be slaughtered and consumed. They were abused and unloved. Today they wake up in the new world, revived, alive, and ready to experience the good in humans. Late last night the Landplane was cleaned and the new crew departed again. Please help us continue this incredible 8 part mission.