14 animals, some the victims of hoarding, some found of the side of the road, and a few that just needed a second chance. Their stories inspired No Dog Left Behind Landpliots, and sisters, Jennifer Hershberger and Jessica Hershberger to go on a two day 2000 mile mission to Senatobia-Tate County Animal Shelter in Senatobia, Mississippi and bring hope to these animals. These are the stories that stroke the flame that keeps the No Dog Left Behind mission running. All 14 took the second chance ride in our Landplane bound for Pittsburgh to our partners at South Hills Pet Rescue and Resort. These animals have spent the last few days adjusting to their new homes and are available for adoption today. Please, share the pics so someone here can visit South Hills Pet Rescue and complete the story by taking one of them home.

A mission from Pittsburgh to Mississippi is no easy task for our team. Over the weekend we logged 6000 miles. Please support us so we can continue to be a lifeline for animals in need. Our fundraiser is on August 26. We would love to see you there! For tickets visit www.nodogleftbehind.org/tickets