The Landplane was tied up all weekend having logged a cool 4000 miles on the odometer over three days. Our trailer was in the shop, the planes were busy, but the show never stopped. No Dog Left Behind(Y) Landpilots Laura Y Fruehan and John Busin called up the rental car place (Put dogs in your van? No don’t be silly rental car company, we would never do that 😉 ) and drove to Martinsville, VA to rescue 31 dogs who had run out of time and space at overcrowded shelters. Laura and John then headed north to meet North Shore Animal League America where these 31 dogs will get first class care and within a week or so, end up sleeping in their new owners bed. 31 animals went from Danger to Safety thanks to our dedicated Landpilots who think nothing of 1200 mile road trips to help save a few furry souls.

“This van smells like you had a dog in there, said the rental car
person” “Dogs? No we had no dogs…oh wait, yeah we had may one or two at the max 🙂

All of these dogs are available now at North Shore. Please contact them if you are interested in adoption.

Don’t forget, our HUGE fundraiser is August 26th. We rely on this party to fund our operation in the coming year. Please help keep us going by buying a ticket or making a donation. We don’t charge the sender or receiver for our services so we count on you to help save these animals.