We first heard about 70 Great Pyrenees that were found in a persons home in Freeport, FL from our friends at Humane Society of the United States. The dogs were living is terrible conditions and had actually become feral from lack of oversight. The dogs belonged to an elderly woman who was wheelchair bound and could no longer care for them. She passed away and left all of them to Alaqua Animal Refuge. Our team was asked to try and help get these animals to new homes. We planned a trip to take as many as we could but like everything in animal rescue your best planning sometimes gets thrown for a loop.

We were set to depart over the weekend with Landpilots Christine Everitt and Benjamin Ringelholtz but at the last minute we found out most of the dogs were not ready for transport and needed more medical attention. We were left with only 6 that could make the trip. In order to make the 2000 mile round trip we needed to find more animals to come back with us. Luckily the phone rang and The Lucky Puppy Rescue, who were also helping these Great Pyrenees had 25 dogs that needed to move to free up more space for these desperate Pyrenees. Lucky Puppy met our team who was already in Florida and transferred 25 dogs to us.

Christine and Ben then made the trip back to Pittsburgh where they delivered the 6 Pyrenees to Great Pyrenees Club of Western Pennsylvania Rescue and the 25 pups to Rescue Our Furry Friends (R.O.F.F.). A tremendous effort by a team of dedicated Landpilots who made the journey even though we were not even sure how it would ll turn out. 2000 miles in two days….pretty impressive Christine and Ben!!!

These missions are taxing on our organization. Our resources are stretched thin and we rely 100% on private donations. These rescue trips are done free of charge but we need your support to keep going. As little as a $5 donation gets our trucks and trailers 35 miles down the road. Please consider helping No Dog Left Behind today!