The question you have to ask yourself is would you drive 2500 miles to save 40 dogs without even knowing where you would be taking them? Would you take the risk? What if these animals were living outside during the day and then at night, sleeping in a crate in the hallway of a shelter? No Dog Left Behind Landpilots Nancy Pitcavage, Kathleen Yarnick, Paula Zetter, and Christine Everitt all took that risk and the results were nothing short of amazing.
It all started with a call from our friends The Humane Society of the United States about a dire situation in Louisiana. The shelters where filled beyond capacity and needed immediate relief. Each shelter was going above and beyond to avoid having to euthanize these animals but time was running out. We had to go now and try and figure out where to take these animals later. Landpilots Kathy and Nancy spent two days and 1200 miles driving to arrive in Louisiana at Paws 4 Life and St. Landry Parish Animal Control & Rescue. After some rest they loaded animal from each of these incredible shelters.
On Monday we got a call from the Adams County SPCA with a funny request. “Hey No Dog Left Behind, we are empty and need animals.” Instantly our problem of where to go was solved. Once the Landplane hits the road we can’t stop. The distance is too long so we had to send our second team of Paula and Christine who drove from Pittsburgh to Chattanooga TN to meet Nancy and Kathy and switch places. Paula and Christine made their way to the Animal Welfare League Queen Anne’s County in Maryland first and then to Adams County in Gettysburg, PA.
With an empty van, an amazing story, and hope filled hearts our team made it back to Pittsburgh today after an incredible 2500 mile journey. Its just awe inspiring what these 4 ladies accomplished for these 40 animals. The dedication our team has to help animals in danger is second to none. Amazing job everyone…one for the record books indeed.
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