15 dogs made a journey across the county to a new life and a second chance on a special mission in loving memory of John Richard Nicholson. John’s cousin, Lynne Lippincott, contacted us with a simple request, please go change the lives of these animals, and the lives of those who will adopt them, in memory of my dear cousin John. We were honored to help Lynne with this special sponsored mission that was made possible by Lynne’s generosity.
No Dog Left Behind Landpilots Karen Madden and Benjamin Ringelholtz made the long drive to Louisville, KY early yesterday morning. 7 hours later they arrived to meet a team from Tunica HumaneSociety. The two teams exchanged greetings and proceeded to transfer and load up these 15 animals in the No Dog Left Behind Landplane. Karen and Ben then turned around an drove 7 hours back to Pittsburgh where these animals will now call home.
An incredible mission and wonderful tribute to John Richard Nicholson. Thank you Lynne Lippincott for helping us change the lives of 15 animals. Great job to our amazing Landpilots who made a huge sacrifice to make this all happen.
All of these dogs are now available for adoption at South Hills Pet Rescue and Resort.
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