5 dogs made took chance flight yesterday thanks to No Dog Left Behind Pilot Pete Lehmann who braved 7 hours in the air and three stops to make this trip happen. Pete first flew to Charleston WV to meet The Paws Squad and load these 5 in the No Dog Left Behind airplane. From there he flew to Harrisburg to drop off a special deaf dog named Skyler to the folks at The Last Dog Rescue. From there he departed for Allentown to meet Harley’s Haven Dog Rescue to drop off a few pups and then finally back to Pittsburgh to meet No Dog Left Behind Landpilot Laura Y Fruehan who transported the last dog to South Hills Pet Rescue and Resort by land. Over 7 hours in the air and three stops along the way. Incredible work Pete. 5 dogs ended the day with a new chance at finding that special someone who will give them the love and care they deserve.

These missions are the result of an incredible team of people both here at No Dog Left Behind and at the shelters and rescue groups who all make these trips happen. We rely 100% on private donations and No Dog Left Behind does not charge for these transports. This is done for the love of these animals. Thank you everyone who helps keep our planes in the air and the trucks on the road.