Everyday we learn about new ways in which animals impact our lives. Early today 6 animals boarded our No Dog Left Behind Plane for a flight with No Dog Left Behind Pilots Pete Lehmann and Bradley Mountain. The story behind this rescue is one that reminds us why each animal matters, why each mission has a deeper meaning for both the animals we help and for the lives that are changed with their salvation.

We picked up six dogs in Huntington WV from Helping Hands For Animals. These six, who were shelter animals at first, went through a program that paired inmates with pets to both rehabilitate the prisoners and the animals. With these six safely in the plane we set out for Kendall, NY to meet Pals4Pets Rescue Inc who will provide these animals to military veterans for free. From the help these animals both gave and received from people who needed a second chance, to our military vets who can adopt one of these trained animals for free, helping animals is a reflection of helping the human race. The more we give to animals the more we receive and benefit as people.

Great work Pilots, especially in the face of windy conditions and thunderstorms. Your work today has meaning beyond just helping 6 dogs.

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